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  • KL/KR61Z


Surface luminaire for kitchens, pantries, provision stores and coldrooms

Design According to rules of maritime classification societies and regulation of USPH
Base plate Stainless steel
Cover Clear polycarbonate, impact proof, UV-resistant
Mounting 6/8 mounting holes, Ø 5.2 mm
Cable entry 2x M20 PA6 cable glands
Protection class IP56 / IP67
Voltage 220-240 V AC
Frequency 50-60 Hz

Fluorescent Solution for kitchen

Light source T8/T5 fluorescent tubes (not included)
Wattage KL61ZS: 2x 18 W / 2x 14 W
KL61ZL: 2x 36 W / 2x 28 W

Fluorescent Solution for coldroom

Light source T5 fluorescent tubes (not included)
Wattage KR61ZS: 2x 24 W
KR61ZL: 2x 50 W
Part No.  
KL61ZS 51060007x0-xxx
KL61ZL 51060008x0-xxx
Family Wattage Part No. Application Cable entry Weight
KL61ZS 2x 14 W 5106000700-041 Kitchen Type A 2.7 kg
KL61ZS 2x 18 W 5106000710-010 Kitchen Type A 3.0 kg
KL61ZL 2x 28 W 5106000800-020 Kitchen - 5.0 kg
KL61ZL 2x 36 W 5106000810-005 Kitchen - 5.1 kg
KR61ZS 2x 24 W 5106000700-042 Coldroom Type A 2.7 kg
KR61ZL 2x 50 W 5106000800-021 Coldroom - 5.5 kg
Clear cover KL/KR61ZS 7112038300
Clear cover KL/KR61ZL 7112020000
Mounting kit for lamp cover (6 pcs) 7508002800
Gasket KL/KR61ZS 7301007600
Gasket KL/KR61ZL 7301007700


  • 120 V AC execution
  • 24 V DC execution
  • LED mounting tray as refit for KL/KR61Z fluorescent types
  • Different color temperatures on request for LED
  • Different cable glands
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