Social commitment

Sierra Leone, a country in West Africa, has a total area of 71, 740 km and an estimated population of 6 million.
According to 2010 estimates, Sierra Leone has the 5th highest maternal mortality rate in the world. 
More recently, the 2014 Ebola outbreak overburdened the weak healthcare infrastructure, leading to more deaths from medical neglect than Ebola itself. It created a humanitarian crisis situation and a negative spiral of weaker economic growth.
Medical care is not readily accessible, with doctors and hospitals out of reach for many villagers. The country has an extremely low life expectancy at 58 years.
In 2016, we at LightPartner became aware of the “Hilfe Direkt Oldenburg-Sierra Leone ViB e.V.” association and were instantly impressed by the small association’s spirited commitment.
Those in need in Sierra Leone receive the aid and support immediately and without any detours thanks to local partners.
It was therefore a special pleasure for us to support the further development of the hospital with donations for lighting and installation materials.
You can find more information about the association’s ongoing projects at: