Casambi – lighting control solution

Integrated into LightPartner luminaires, we offer now our customers a smart and easy way to get best possible results...

  1. It is universally compatible
    It is based on Bluetooth Low Energy, which comes as standard with every smartphone, tablet and smart watch.
  2. It is simple to specify and set up.
    Casambi is a completely wireless system, in which luminaires and other devices communicate directly with each other. To create an installation, all you need to do is specify Casambi Ready luminaires from LightPartner
  3. It is robust
    Casambi creates a self-organizing and self-healing mesh network of luminaires and control devices. It is a tested and trustworthy system.
  4. You control it the way you want
    Free available Casambi app, for iOS and Android devices, gives you a whole toolkit of control opportunities.
  5. It is future proof
    The free mobile app is regularly updated, and the firmware built into Casambi Ready products can be easily updated wirelessly via Bluetooth using the app